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*Leaders in the Repossession Industry*

Northwest Florida Recovery's Services List

Repossessions:  Involuntary removal of collateral from debtor/third party.  Collateral at given address with no further information required.  Personal Property will be removed and inventoried.
Voluntary Repossessions:
  Prior arrangements made with debtor or third party concerning pickup of collateral and removal of personal property.
       *Note:  If an account is assigned for repossession and a debtor voluntarily releases a vehicle due to
        the collection efforts of an agent, it remains as such.  However, if it is a voluntary repossession
        and subsequently becomes an involuntary repossession, then the charge will increase.
Field Service:
  Contact made with debtor.  Comply with lienholder instructions.  In the event of repossession, billing
will be for field service and voluntary/involuntary repossession.
Asset Removal:
  Removal of collateral for lienholder for non-repossession purposes.  Collateral transportation for
lienholder (e.g., towing, transport)
Skip Tracing:
  Locating debtor and/or collateral. In the event of repossession, billing will be for skip tracing and
voluntary or involuntary repossession.
Transport Service:
  Vehicle(s) transported to auction of preference.
  A professional Locksmith will be notified for key replacement.  Permission obtained to have keys made.
  Pictures and/or bids on the repossessed vehicle per lienholder instructions.
Military Installations:
  Repossessions on military installations require advance notification of the base Security
Forces, or the base Legal Office.  Copy of title and contract may be required.  Once contact has been made with
authorities or debtor, payment arrangements cannot be made.
  At the request of the client, we can find a reputable agent in another city or state and reassign the
repossession order.
  A mileage fee is charged for non-local assignments, unless included as a flat rate.
Close and Bill:
  Any account that has been worked by an agent
  This agency does not work on a contingency basis.
  Will be sent by fax or U.S. Mail.

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