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Northwest Florida Recovery, Inc. Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures

Required Information for Repossession
Copy of title, copy of sales contract, and Hold-Harmless agreement.
Hold Periods

Accounts may be placed on hold for a period of fifteen days before being closed and billed.
Status Reports

A status report will be sent to the client based upon a predetermined agreement.
Office hours

By appointment only. Please call (850) 862-0914 or our toll-free  number, 1-800-858-3869.
Vehicle/Personal Property pick-up

By appointment only. Please call (850) 862-0914 or our toll-free  number, 1-800-858-3869.

Storage is accrued by calendar days, and all fees are due at the time of release.  No vehicles are released until personal property is inventoried.

Requirements for release

Debtor  Redemption Personal  Property
  • Release Required

  • Picture I.D.

  • Storage Fees

  • Picture I.D.

  • Keys

  • Applicable fees

State of Florida Recovery Guidelines

"REPOSSESSION", refers to  the recovery of  the following range of assets, including but not limited to:  motor vehicles, mobile homes,  motorboats, aircraft, personal watercraft, all-terrain vehicles, farm and industrial equipment (to include tractors, road rollers, cranes, forklifts, backhoes,  bulldozers and other machine-powered vehicles) that are used to manufacture goods or to provide services.

"REPOSSESSION", whether voluntary or involuntary, requires the services of a licensed recovery agent or intern. Chapter 493 does not recognize any difference between voluntary or involuntary repossessions.

"RECOVERY AGENT", an individual who is authorized by the legal owner, lien holder, or lessor to recover, or to collect money payment in lieu of recovery of, that which has been sold or leased under a security agreement that contains a repossession clause. A repossession is complete when a licensed recovery agent is in control, custody, and possession of such assets that is listed above.

"IN HOUSE RECOVERY AGENT", individuals solely, exclusively, and regularly employed by a single company who perform recovery work in connection with that company's business have been exempt from licensing requirements. Senate Bill 1438 has eliminated this exemption.  This means to recover collateral in Florida you must be employed by a Recovery Agency).

"PERSONAL PROPERTY", recovery agents are personally responsible for the complete and accurate inventory and storage of all personal effects and property found in any repossessed vehicle, mobile home or motorboat.

The terms "personal effects" and "personal property" in the context of a repossession means personal items found in or on a repossessed vehicle, mobile home or motorboat which were not a part of the repossessed unit at the time of purchase or lease and which have not been installed in or attached to the repossessed unit.

Motor vehicle license tags issued to the debtor are the personal property of the debtor and must be inventoried, stored and returned the same as all other personal property.

If a debtor or his lawful designee appears to claim personal property prior to its disposal, such property must be returned upon the payment of any reasonably incurred expenses for inventory and storage.

Florida State Statues on line

If you desire any further information, please contact us or toll free 1-800-858-3869.

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